Frequently Asked Questions

About stock photography


What is is a stock photography agency specializing in vintage images. Its clients buy images to use them in their projects, including websites, educational, historical research, advertising campaigns, editorial works, textbooks, brochures, reports, and presentations.

What is stock photography?

Stock photography is a digital photographic archive whose images can be used in a large number of custom applications, according to the licensing terms. You purchase the rights to use the image rather than assigning a photographer to shoot.


What are the benefits of using stock photography?

The main benefit of digital stock photography is that you can see the final images before you license the right to use them. Using an image that already exists saves you the time and expense of a custom photo shoot.

Whenever you need real vintage photographs, using images that already exist is the only option, as you cannot assign a photographer to shoot in the past.


About licensing images


What does it mean "to license an image”?

When you "purchase" an image on, you are actually purchasing a license for the right to use that image, subject to and governed by the license rights available for our products.

What is a Royalty-Free (RF) license?

RF is a type of stock photo license that provides for an unlimited use of an image in any media defined in the licensing terms. A RF license is based only on the file size of the image and not its specific use. You do not have to pay any additional fees on a use-by-use basis. Once you purchase a RF license, you may use the licensed image multiple times for multiple projects, without paying additional fees.


What kind of license can I purchase at

The images provided by are licensed RF.


How may I use the image I have licensed RF?

You can use our RF images for every project, as long as you like, except for the images marked "For editorial use only".


What is the editorial use?

Editorial use means that the image can be used to illustrate matters of general interest, for educational and cultural purpose, or newsworthy events, but not for a commercial purpose.

May I use an editorial image for a commercial purpose?

In some cases you can use an editorial image for a commercial purpose, but only if you obtain the necessary clearance from the owner of the copyright (usually the photographer) and from the model portrayed (so-called "model release"). In a few other cases, usually photos of celebrities, you cannot use an editorial image for a commercial purpose.


Do you provide releases to use your images for a commercial purpose?

No, we do not. In some cases it is impossible to find both the owner of the copyright and the model portrayed in the photo, simply because our images are old, and most of the times the photographer is unknown. However, in most cases the copyright has expired. For instance, in the USA the images taken before 1923 are part of the commons. You should clear the matter with your lawyer before using images for a commercial purpose, as it is a complicated issue.


Do you offer extended (exclusive use) licensing?

Please contact us if you want to be the exclusive user of an image.


Do you offer subscription?

Yes, consult our Subscription plans.

Where can I see the price of the images?

Prices are available right when you select an image thumbnail by clicking. Once you pay the fee for an RF image, you can use the image as frequently as you like.



Managing my account

What is a Lightbox?

Your personal Lightboxes are storage areas for your favorite images. You can create an unlimited number of lightboxes in which you can save images for different projects.

What do I do when my member name or password doesn't work?

If you are re-directed to a login error page, make sure your caps lock is off since your password and member name are case sensitive. Also, check your cookie settings to ensure they are on a medium privacy level, and clear all cookies and cache in your browser.


How to buy an image on

1. Search the image and then click on Add to Cart

2. Open an account

3. Pay with Paypal or credit card.

4. Download the image.


What method of payment do you accept? accepts credit cards via Paypal. We also accept payments by International Money Order. Contact us for the details. Please include an order form with your mailed payment.


What sizes do your photos come in? photos come in three different sizes. Images come in as:

- Web (small, 500 pixels @ 72dpi);

- Web Plus (large, 1000 pixels @72dpi);

- Print (as large as 4000 pixels @ 300dpi).

Each image has size and price information detailed underneath the chosen image.


Do you offer Comp (Complementary photos for free)?

Yes, but you must login as member to download free Comps.

What do I do when I'm having download problems?

If you experience download problems, please contact Customer Service with the Code number and will email the file to you immediately.