What is is an online photographic digital archive, from which you can instantly download the images. We specializing in original vintage photographs dating from 1860s to the 1980s.

The authors of the photographic collection are both professional photographers of the golden age of photojournalism and amateur photographers. Most of them are unknown, but nevertheless effective in representing the real spirit of their time. The old images portray the way we were, documenting the history of the 20th Century through its characteristic fashions, trends, icons, lifestyles, and social, economic and political events. The focus is on the Western civilization: Italy, United States, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom are, in decreasing order, the dominant countries of origin of the vintage photographs included in the photographic archive. However, other countries and cultures are largely portrayed as a result of colonialism and leisure traveling.

What it offers

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive quality choice of images from the past, and to help you making your choice. Whether you need an old image to illustrate your editorial project or need it for a creative purpose, old photos make the difference. They possess an elusive charm that captures the attention of the reader. Old black and white photographs are immediately perceived as different from present conventional digital photography. Do these old images attract our senses because of some nostalgic disposition? Or is it rather that they just appeal to our curiosity? Whatever the reason, a real vintage photograph gives your project a distinguishing touch of class.

The digital images come from original photographic prints. Every old familiar snapshot available on our web vintage bank of images has been selected -on average- among two hundred (200) others old familiar snapshots. Our vintage photographs are first scanned at 1200ppi optical resolution, and then reviewed in a post-production process aimed at restoring and maximizing the quality of the digital files, which are available in different sizes and resolutions. We aim at keeping the digital images exactly as their anagogic counterpart look; however sometimes the original old photograph is in a poor condition, so we have restored the image. In this case, we have attempted to change as little as possible.


Search Tips

Our online vintage photographic collection can be searched in two ways: Accessing from the Gallery link or with keywords in the search bar. You can also use an advanced search feature.

To visualize details and price of the image click on the thumbnail. You can request our free image search service which includes images not yet available online. If you need help, our Customers Service will be pleased to satisfy your needs.