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Providing Vintage Images

Colaimages.com is a photographic archive specializing in original vintage images. The authors of our photographic collection are both professional photographers of the golden age of photojournalism and amateur photographers. The list of photographers includes numerous unknown authors of unique familiar candid snapshots, surprisingly effective in representing the real spirit of their time: A sort of street photography ahead of its time.

The Archive

Colaimages.com archive contains a selection of thousands of restored and enhanced images, both black and white and sepia. A few early color photographs are present. Our images portray the way we were through fashions, icons, lifestyles, and social, economic and political events from the late 1800 to 1980. Subjects range from Chinese tortures to Belle Époque nudes; from artisans at work to celebrities and starlets; from movie stills to sports. These visual fragments portray rapid industrialization and socio-cultural changes, illustrating techniques of agricultural work and handicraft, pastoral life and marinara, games and sports, feasts and holidays, devotional behavior and ritual practices, school and family groups.

The Website

The images contained in our online database are searchable either with keywords or by browsing the galleries.
The simplicity is choosing among different image size and resolution, directly available to download in jpg format in 3 clicks. Each image is restored, retouched and enhanced.
We continuously add new accessions to our online digital archive.

We Enable Creativity to Express Itself

Our images can be used in a wide variety of creative works. Whether you are a professional graphic, a researcher or an editor, our images represent a valuable content to enhance your media creations. Colaimages.com is the vintage image resource for designing, advertising, and marketing your product. We help the creative community producing distinctive works for magazines, newspapers, books, and websites.

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